Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company Capabilities: Custom Dye Synthesis, Analytical Chemistry, Specialty Chemical Contract Manufacturing, and Tolling

Crysta-Lyn has grown its business since 1992 by providing unique, specialty chemicals to industries that can benefit from our expertise in custom complex organic chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry, specialty chemical contract manufacturing, and tolling.

As a result of our extensive experience in custom dye synthesis, we produce a wide range of dyes and absorbers for various applications, with wavelength maximum ranges from 375nm to 1060 nm. 

In addition, we maintain a data base of over 820 of our own proprietary dyes, including several hundred NIR dyes that have wavelength maxima between 680nm to 930nm.  We manufacture all of our products in our facility in Binghamton, New York.

We focus our efforts on offering the best customer service possible. We work closely with our customers to ensure the production of the highest quality specialty chemicals in the shortest time possible, offered at fair and competitive prices, consistent with the value that we deliver.

Also see our government contract capabilities statement page.

Our value proposition lies in working collaboratively with your product design or research staff to:

  • prepare trial quantities of new, proprietary chemicals for your internal evaluation
  • efficiently scale up the volume for pilot production in field trials, or beta tests,  and
  • scale-up in manufacturing the subsequent commercialized dyes to meet your product performance requirements and project schedules

Specifically, our capabilities and processes include:

  • Ability to perform multi-step synthesis of complex organic molecules having unique properties with regard to absorption of, or interaction with, light energy, or to meet other product design requirements,
  • Separation and purification of these molecules in high yield
  • Collaborative development with our customers to provide these molecules for research and development and commercial production of end-user products which satisfy specific requirements.
  • Tailored chemical analysis services to assist with quality evaluations to reduce product testing cycle times and costs.

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