Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company:
Manufacturer of NIR, Visible, UV Laser Dyes and Absorbers

Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company History

Crysta-Lyn was founded in 1992 as a specialty chemical manufacturer, dedicated to the development, synthesis, and production of high value specialty organic chemicals for the conventional and electronic imaging industries. As a company, we capitalized on our collective experience, engaging our unique industry knowledge to manufacture the complex chemicals required to supply this dynamic market.

Crysta-Lyn’s expertise in the imaging industry involved developing and manufacturing materials to intensify or de-intensify the light absorbing characteristics of imaging media or other products exposed to light or thermal energy of specific wavelengths. The resulting product applications included color-proofing media, CD-R or DVD-R computer disks, liquid crystal displays, silver halide crystals (used in conventional photography and medical imaging), photopolymers in the electronics and graphic arts industry (such as photo-resists and printing plates).

As the company began to evolve with the changing marketplace, we found that our expertise naturally serves other industries, including plastics, biotechnology, and thin films.  As a result of our extensive experience in custom dye synthesis, we produce a wide range of dyes and absorbers for various applications, with wavelength maximum ranges from 375nm to 1060 nm.  We have developed several hundred NIR dyes that have wavelength maxima between 680nm to 930nm, and currently maintain a data base of over 1,200 dyes, all of which we manufacture in our facility in Binghamton, New York.

What has been consistent in Crysta-Lyn’s history is its expertise in complex organic chemical synthesis, analytic chemistry, full synthetic capability, analytical testing, and extremely quick turn around time in serving custom needs of diverse markets.  Our processes include:

  • Multi-step synthesis of complex organic molecules having unique properties with regard to absorption of, or interaction with, light energy, or to meet other product design requirements,
  • Separation and purification of these molecules in high yield, and
  • Collaborative development with our customers to provide these molecules for research and development and commercial production of end-user products which satisfy specific requirements.

Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company Principals

Crysta-Lyn’s owners, Frank Goroleski and Brad Galusha, run the operation and are the hands-on chemists responsible for the company’s dynamic research and development, production, and collaboration with customers in new product development.

Frank Goroleski has served as Crysta-Lyn’s President and the company’s head R&D Chemist since 1999.  He has been involved with the development of new organic dye synthesis since 1987. Frank’s experience includes new dye development and scale-up assistance with new products.  Frank’s other responsibilities include new development in NIR and fluorescent inks.

Frank began his career as an R&D chemist specializing in organic dye synthesis and product development in the imaging industry in 1985, with Anitec Imaging Corporation until 1996, and Fuji Film until 1998.  He then joined Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company as a founding partner.

Frank earned an AAS in Chemical Engineering Technology from Broome Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Biology from SUNY Cortland and a Master of Science in Chemistry from Binghamton University.

Brad Galusha, Crysta-Lyn’s Vice President, joined the company in in 2003 as a scale-up chemist, production chemist, and plant manager.  He brought significant value to the company, having worked in the chemical and coating industry since 1983.  Brad’s experience includes competitive analysis, bench research, synthetic scale-up, pilot plant, and production quantities.  He has also been involved in product development and production support of coated materials for ink jet media, diazo paper, and thermal media. 

Brad worked for Anitec Imaging/ International Paper for 16 years as a chemist and lab manager for the specialty products division.  His experience also includes working for Azon Corp. for 4 years as a coated products chemist.

Brad earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

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